Bass Coast Shire Council  

Vision/Mission Statements

Vision - Bass coast will be known as a region that supports a sustainable and healthy community, and values and protects its natural assets.

Mission - We will engage with and advocate for our community to ensure equity and balance between liveability and environmental protection and be accountable for our financial management in realising the community’s vision.


Bass Coast Shire Council

Why are you involved as a partner in the Growing Southern Gippsland project?

Council are committed to assisting the community in building climate resilience in the agriculture sector.  Council have made a financial contribution and are a member of the steering group of Growing Southern Gippsland project.  This project will assist farmers in the Southern Gippsland area respond to climate change challenges, providing 12 case studies and 6 engagement sessions to promote climate resilience in the agricultural sector.

Council has declared a climate emergency, recognising the business as usual approach will not be enough to restore a safe climate. To support the declaration of a climate emergency Council has committed to a net zero emissions target by 2030 for both Council operations and for the community.  A Climate Change Action Plan has been developed to identify actions for Council, the community, businesses, and agricultural sector to achieve the net zero emissions target by 2030 and build a resilient Bass Coast.


What are your hopes for the project upon project completion and the future?

Council would like to see a network that is able to promote sustainable agriculture projects and participation in projects, including emissions reduction and low emission projects.

Council hopes to see a resilient farming community that is able to respond to climate change and transition to a low carbon future.