South Gippsland Landcare Network  

About South Gippsland Landcare Network

The purpose of the South Gippsland Landcare Network is to support and develop a sustainable, integrated approach to food and fibre production and environmental management, and for the protection and enhancement of the environmental values of South Gippsland.

The South Gippsland Landcare Network (SGLN) was formed in 1995 and today is made up of 16 groups and over 400 families who manage and farm the land. The success of the Network is due to the inspiring contributions made by the passionate individuals and volunteers.

South Gippsland Landcare Network


Our Goals:

  • Improving the environment & embracing sustainable food & fibre production. Achieved by working in partnership with the community, businesses & government agencies
  • Caring for land of any size.
    The South Gippsland Landcare Network offers a range of programs to suit lifestyle properties or large farming enterprises


The Network area covers 270,000 ha and is bordered by the Strzelecki Ranges to the north and the Bass Strait to the south. The south-western half of the catchment is part of the Gippsland Plains bioregion, characterized by lowland coastal and alluvial plains with gentle undulating terrain which rises to meet the Strzelecki Ranges to the north.

Thanks to its high rainfall and productive soils, the South Gippsland area is an important dry-land agricultural region, with strong dairy and beef industries. The regional townships of Leongatha, Meeniyan, Poowong, Foster, Fish Creek, Mirboo North, Loch and Nyora are located in the Network.

The area also has high environmental value with large patches of coastal park, remnant vegetation and several significant waterways such as the Bass, Tarwin and Franklin Rivers. These rivers contribute to several important wetlands including Anderson Inlet and the RAMSAR protected Westernport Bay and Corner Inlet.

SGLN is a not-for-profit organisation governed by a board. The board is responsible for the overall governance of the organisation: the leadership and supervision of the organisation’s affairs. The board’s primary role is to protect and enhance the value of the organisation for the benefit of its members and its mission.

Management and secretarial duties are fulfilled by a Network Coordinator. Projects are delivered by SGLN Project Officer/s and external contractors as required.


Why are you involved as a partner in the Growing Southern Gippsland project?

South Gippsland Landcare Network is keen to help landholders in our area to find the information they need to adapt successfully to climate change. We have many local innovative farmers and the Growing Southern Gippsland portal is a fantastic way to hear what people are trying, and to get ideas on what may work for you. 

SGLN is a member of the project steering group and is closely involved in developing and running five field days offered over 2019-20.


What are your hopes for the project upon project completion and the future?

Our climate is changing, and there will be an ever-growing need for information and resources to help landholders make decisions so they can adapt and thrive. We are keen to see many of our landholders take up the opportunity to get involved with this project, through the field days and the web portal. We see this as the start of the conversation and expect to keep working with landholders on these topics into the future.