Developing My Plan

The Growing Southern Gippsland website provides farmers with access to climate resources and local examples of climate adaptation and mitigation. It is designed to encourage self-guided information gathering and research. Upon completion of the Growing Southern Gippsland project the Climate Adaptation Plan (CAP) was developed and is viewed as the next step in the adaptation and mitigation journey of farmers in Southern Gippsland and beyond.

The CAP tool has been designed to enable farmers to identify specific climate impacts relevant for their enterprise and provide guidance of identifying specific on farm solutions. We encourage you to use the CAP tool to investigate which climate impacts are most relevant to your farm and to identify the actions you can take to mitigate or adapt to them. Once you complete your journey through the CAP you will have developed your own individual plan that will enable you to take your first steps to a climate resilient farm.

Climate Adaptation Tool ( The development of the Climate Adaptation Plan (CAP) was initiated as part of the Growing Southern Gippsland project funded through the Victorian Centre for Climate Change Innovation (VCCCI).